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Nurturing Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Intuitive Healing

Sunset on the sea brings peace and intuitive healing.
Being close to nature enhances intuitive healing.

Intuitive healing is a term that represents the connection between intuition, healing and spirituality. Across many cultures, intuition is defined as accessing direct knowledge from within. This source of knowledge is our Higher Self, inner wisdom, or the still small voice within. Essentially, our spiritual nature is the force within us that connects us to what is known as the Creative Force, the Divine, or whomever you may refer to as your Higher Power. And throughout history, the traditional methods of accessing our intuition are through daily spiritual practices. Fortunately, we can all learn to meditate, work with our dreams, and listen to our inner voice. Above all, identifying and applying our spiritual ideals leads to contentment and intuitive healing.

Purple dawn over ocean opens us to intuitive healing.
Acceptance leads to peace.

According to cross-cultural wisdom, our souls and the spiritual force within us live beyond the death of our physical body. Consequently, daily spiritual practices help us prepare for a conscious transition to the afterlife. It is a universal challenge for all souls to learn to access the Higher Self, the spark of divinity within us. Thankfully, the more we achieve this, the greater our spiritual rewards. These blessings may include enhanced insight, divine inspiration, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

Identifying our spiritual ideals is an essential first step to intuitive healing. Then, when we apply them, we create an essential energy for transforming our lives. Ideally, we can then face our fears, pain, and suffering with fortitude and wisdom. Discovering our genuine connection to the Divine enables us to face life’s challenges with courage and strength.

4 Steps to Intuitive Healing: Applying Intuition and Spirituality

Family at Sunset holding hands comforts the soul.
Love is the answer on all spiritual paths.

Intuitive healing is a term used to describe various ways to access one’s inner knowledge and healing energy to benefit oneself and others. Some examples of intuitive healing practices include meditation, breathing techniques, dream work, energy healing, mind-body therapies, yoga therapy, and other energy medicine approaches.

Specifically, there are receptive and active aspects to intuitive healing practices. The receptive part is listening to your inner voice, dreams, and messages received in meditation. The active part involves a conscious choice to apply the guidance in your daily life.

Here are 4 key steps to intuitive healing:

  1. Identify your spiritual ideals. Examples include: loving service, kindness, courage, truthfulness, and patience.
  2. Listen to the guidance given in dreams, meditation, and in the voice within.
  3. Trust this inner instruction. If unsure whether the direction is related to anxiety or if it is unclear, ask for clarity until the message is understandable.
  4. Choose to act on this advice in your conscious life.

Flower remedies assist with applying these three steps. They directly access the  psyche to facilitate this intuitive healing process. The flower essences Mullein and Star Tulip promote receptivity to inner guidance, while Blackberry and other essences help you to manifest the guidance you have received.

Please see Blog, Essential Oils and Flower Essences for more information. Thanks.

Importance of Applying Spiritual Guidance

Relaxing at Surry Beach enable intuitive healing.
We receive, then apply our guidance.

Significantly, step four is the most important because spiritual growth occurs when we regularly apply our guidance. And the more often we do this, the more advice is given to us. Accordingly, we also become more connected to our spirituality and intuition.

Importantly, meditation, dream work, and intuitive healing are processes of awakening that lead to enhanced insight, acceptance, and resilience. By committing to working with our dreams and intuitive healing, we can learn to view life as a series of opportunities and begin to experience the many miracles in life. 

In summary, as an experienced holistic therapist and dream guide, I will support, encourage, and guide you with the tools I offer to help you enhance your intuitive healing. I look forward to hearing from you!

Intuitive Healing Summary

Beautiful river in woods
Learn to flow with the river of life.

In this post, I provided some simple steps for intuitive healing that anyone can do. Additionally, when we apply our spiritual ideals, we develop resilience, a healthy adaptation to life’s challenges. Resilience is also another word for faith. When we learn to accept life and see obstacles as opportunities, we learn to trust and be open to our intuition. Then, intuitive healing can occur.

Here is a quote that has been especially helpful during challenging times.  Some may prefer another word for God, like Creative Forces, Higher Power, etc. Hopefully, you will also find comfort in this important message.

“Do not get disheartened and alarmed when adversity, calamity, or misfortunes pour in upon you. Thank God, for He has thereby given you the opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude. Those who have acquired the power of bearing with adversities can easily enter the Spiritual Path.”– Meher Baba.

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Autumn in the woods
With every ending, there is a new beginning.

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