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Helping Animals with Flower Remedies

Elk in field of wild flowers. All animals are helped with flower remedies when in distress.
A wide range of animals are sentient.
Helping these animals with flower remedies eases their emotional stress.

All animals with a backbone and many without one, such as lobsters, crabs, and octopuses, are considered sentient beings. As such, they suffer emotional distress in ways similar to humans. Helping animals with flower remedies is a profound yet safe and gentle way to reduce their anguish. However, flower remedies alone are not a substitute for veterinary care or animal trainers. Nor will they replace a positive, loving environment. However, these plant medicines are wonderful for alleviating fears and resulting problematic behaviors, thus enabling harmony between the animals and their caregivers.

Flower essence therapy is a potent healing modality. Many individual and combination flower essence formulas from Flower Essence Services (FES) heal various psycho-spiritual states. FES also distributes the Healing Herbs brand of the famous English Bach Flower Remedies. Some essences are combined with essential oils for a synergistic effect. For more information, please see my blog, Flower Essences Heal the Soul.

Dog in flowery wooded path. All dogs respond beautifully to flower remedies.
Dogs are healed by flowers too!

These remedies benefit humans, animals, and even plants! Examples include a flower essence formula for grief called Grief Relief and single remedies, such as Mariposa Lily, for those needing more maternal love.

Animal Relief Formula is a blessing for animals in distress, current or past. It is often used for stray or sheltered animals or when there is a possible history of abuse or neglect.

Another helpful flower remedy for animals is Walnut flower essence, which helps animals adapt to environmental changes. Many other remedies help animals’ specific issues. Please get in touch with me for a consultation for optimal results.

Why Use the Same Flower Remedies for Our Pets and Ourselves

A sad golden cat looks out a window. Flower remedies help cats with separation anxiety and stress.
Cats may experience separation anxiety if we cling to them!

Animals in our care often absorb our emotions and sometimes express our pain. This is because we are all connected through our energy fields and are one in spirit. This is evident when pet owners frequently observe distress in their pets when there is human conflict around them.

An example would be if the caregiver has separation anxiety and emotionally clings to their pet or is overprotective. Also, when the pet is away from the owner, the pet will often have separation anxiety. In this case, a Bach flower remedy called Red Chestnut will help both the pet and the pet owner be more at ease when alone.

Often, people confuse love with over-protection. This is sometimes because of having been parented by an overprotective caregiver. The pattern may be unconsciously continued in relationships of all kinds. Symbiotic or co-dependent relationships may seem natural and difficult to change.

Both parties in the relationship should take the Red Chestnut flower remedy for optimal effectiveness. This is true whether in human-to-human relationships or between the pet owner and the beloved pet.

If you would like to improve the emotional well-being of your animals, please contact me below.  Thanks!

Bach Flower Remedies Helps Animals Adapt to Change

A stress parrot in a cage benefits from flower remedies, as do all birds.
Flower remedies help birds in distress.

Another example might be the stress and anxiety of moving to a new environment.

For example, a client had to relocate her two parrots to a new home. She gave each bird two remedies:  Walnut flower essence was given for healthy adaptation to change, and Animal Relief Formula for stress reduction.

They adapted well with much reduced anxiety, as evidenced by their behaviors in their new home. The caregiver also took the same remedies to help with her transition.

It is usually best for pets and pet owners to take flower essences simultaneously. This is especially true when there are strong emotional attachments. It then makes it easier to manifest the positive potential of any energetic pattern.

The formulas need not be exact, but the owner and pet often have similar patterns. Intuition and logic can help in the remedy selection.

Bach Flower Remedies Comfort Insecure Horses

Horses getting along well.
Holly flower essence opens hearts.

Another example is that of a woman with two insecure horses. She gave them both the Bach Flower Remedy Holly. Their behaviors included non-cooperation, agitation and frustration, and competitive behaviors such as competing for food.

These jealous behaviors were alleviated after taking Holly flower remedy.

Holly flower remedy is a powerful heart opener. Although anger may surface initially, when it is released and transformed, the heart can express its true nature.

The woman also took Holly and had similar results. Please see the links below for more information on flower essences and animals.

Additional information on flower essences, research studies, and their use around the globe can be found at: or  For more information or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, see below.  Thanks

How to Choose Flower Remedies for Animals and Pets

Contemplating on beach at sunset
Listening within helps us intuit our pet's needs.

Developing intuition through dream work, meditation, and listening to our inner voice makes us more attuned to our pets. We can sense their needs and feelings.

Intuition development will improve with daily spiritual practices and being calm and centered around our beloved animals. Often, psychic information will come in dreams and meditation. Flower essences assist animals as well as humans in the evolutionary process.

Taking flower essences to enhance our dreams or help connect to our Higher Self. When we get intuitive guidance, it is important to follow it. Then more will be given to us.

It is also essential to match the flower remedies with the observed behaviors. There are helpful references on this page with specific information on flower essences for animals that you may find very helpful.

Helping Animals with Flower Remedies Summary

Llamas are soothed by flower essences too!
Llamas are soothed by flower essences.

Animals experience very similar emotions as humans. Wild animals in the care of humans benefit from flower essences as much as those adopted as pets. It is important to remember that animals absorb and deeply feel our emotional distress.

So, just as you would not want to have a conflict in front of vulnerable children, the same is true for any animals around you. But we often express our feelings of grief, anxiety, anger, or depressed moods around other beings. Fortunately, flower remedies help animals and us resolve our emotional distress, which creates a more harmonious environment for everyone.

Please contact me below to explore the best healing option for you and your loved ones. Thanks.

For more information, click on this link to learn about specific flower essences and their use in animals.

See Blogs, Flower Remedies for Animals for more animal resources,

and Plant Medicine.

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