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Nurturing Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Dreams and Intuition Resources

Girl asleep on tree branch with book over her face. Day dreams also offer an opportunity for dream interpretation.
Ignoring dreams inhibits your intuition.

There are many excellent books on dreams and intuition. Here are some of my favorites for your consideration. I also include these two excellent dream dictionaries that introduce dream work and optimal ways to work with dream symbols: The Dream Dictionary and The Dream Book. You may also enjoy the online version of The Edgar Cayce Dream Dictionary.  It is important to remember that dream dictionaries are meant to spark your intuition. Additionally, please see the links at the bottom of this page for information on improving dream recall and steps to guide your work with any dream. I wish you an abundant, soul-inspiring, and active dream life! 

The Dream Dictionary book image - a great resource on Dreams and Intuition
The Dream Book cover image - Another great resource on Dreams and Intuition

Additional Books on Dreams and Intuition

The Universal Dream Key book cover - a Dreams and Intuition resource
Dreaming True book cover

Dreams and Intuition Resources Summary

"Dreams are Today's Answers to Tomorrow's Questions"--Edgar Cayce

Dreams are a window into our souls. Working with our dreams and developing our intuition enables us to receive guidance regarding life’s issues, connects us with other beings, and promotes health and healing. We can also access our Higher Self or even the Divine. Check out my dream service page and blog posts on dreams for more helpful material. Please contact me for a private session or information on my upcoming dream classes. Thanks.

Butterfly on flower
Dreams can be transformative.
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