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Dream Interpretation Re-Defined

White heart-shaped cloud, as a symbol for the spirituality.
Working with symbols is one of many keys to dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation works best when we know and understand the dreamer. However, since most dreams are for the benefit of ourselves and those close to us, we must begin by understanding our own dreams.  With daily practice, we may also become proficient at dreaming for the welfare of others and the world. With practice, we become skilled at determining whether our dreams are symbolic, telepathic, or pre-cognitive with a commitment to dream work and spiritual practices.  Over time, your dream expertise will steadily improve. Dream interpretation is a skill that anyone can learn. Here I offer a place to begin.

If you are serious about working with your dreams, it would be helpful to start with Services, Dream Work and Intuition, to learn the steps necessary for clear dream recall. See also Blog, Dream Work and Wisdom for an expanded introduction to dream work.

Please also reach out to me below if you are interested in joining my online dream classes. Thanks.

The 3 Main Types of Dreams

A Boy feeding a huge giraffe. Dream interpretation requires understanding creative dreams such as this.
Dreams can be delightful.

To comprehend our dreams and make proper dream interpretation possible, I will provide a brief review of the three major dream categories. These are described in the afore-mentioned blog in more detail.

Dreams come from the physical, mental (psychological), and spiritual levels. Most dreams are from the subconscious, and are psychological in nature. We also obtain dream guidance related to physical health and practical daily life. Since every cell in our body has consciousness, physical dreams relate to the conscious mind.

Spiritual dreams come from the superconscious.  One of the gifts of dream work is accessing the spiritual realm directly. Spiritual dreams are often vivid, powerful, and profoundly transformative. Unlike many dreams that fade from memory quickly upon awakening, spiritual dreams often remain with us for a long time.

We, as conscious beings, have access to all of these realms when we recall, record, and work to understand our dreams. The more skilled we become at doing this, the better we will be able to overcome our fears. We can access information about our soul’s higher purpose and whether or not we are applying our spiritual ideals in our lives. Essentially, dreams guide us in all aspects of our lives

“It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it” –John Steinbeck

12 Steps to Dream Interpretation

Girl asleep on tree branch with book over her face. Day dreams also offer an opportunity for dream interpretation.
Dreaming makes us whole.

1. Prepare for sleep with a spiritual practice, such as meditation, prayer, inspirational music, or literature.

2. Write in your dream journal. Review the day’s events and process your thoughts and feelings. Release emotions if needed. Clear your psyche for guidance from your Higher Self or the Divine.

3. Make an intention to remember and record your dreams upon awakening or ask for a dream related to a specific life issue. Please see my dream page regarding the 12 steps to remembering dreams HERE.

4. Record your dreams. Quietly reflect upon the dream.

5. Ask yourself what emotions you felt in the dream and what you felt upon awakening. Re-experience any emotions. What do they relate to in your waking life? This is an important key to understanding the dream.

6. Identify the type of dream. Is it related to the physical, mental, psychological, or spiritual dimension?

Boy taking photo of huge white dog, another creative dream image.
Dream symbols can be very creative.


7. Use intuition to explore the meaning of the dream. This is an important step in dream interpretation, and it often occurs naturally upon awakening or during reflection.

8. Identify the setting. The setting offers clues to what part of your life is being addressed.

9. State the basic theme. Each dream section may have a theme. For example, someone may be afraid but still confronts danger with courage. Working with themes often triggers an intuitive understanding of the dream message.

10.  Review the symbols. There are many available dream dictionaries. For the best online one, see The Edgar Cayce Dream Dictionary. For excellent dream dictionary books, see  Resources, Dreams and Intuition. Dream dictionaries are meant to trigger your intuition. However, learning about universal or archetypal symbols is very useful. For example, dreaming of the ocean (an archetypal symbol) could relate to your unconscious or spiritual life. But if you are a sailor, it may sometimes represent a personal symbol for you.

11. Share your dream with someone you trust. Rather than expecting someone to do a dream interpretation, a respectful response to a shared dream would be: “If it were my dream…”

12. Apply the dream guidance in your life. This step will bring the most spiritual growth. Be grateful for the counsel and the courage to act on it.

Dream Interpretation: the Importance of Reviewing Our Dream Journals

Glass vase with pink flowers and dream journal. Writing our dreams in a journal is the first step of dream interpretation.

When you are skilled in remembering and recording your dreams regularly, reviewing your dream journals and reflecting upon the guidance given is essential. You can then consider the recurring dream symbols and the dream changes that reflect your growth.

Additionally, many of our dreams are pre-cognitive. Practicing gratitude and applying guidance in our daily lives is very important for our psycho-spiritual development. The more we do this, the clearer the messages are given to us.

We also enhance our innate intuition by exercising it in this way daily. We can access all wisdom from within because we are all sparks of the Divine. This is why it is said that we are all naturally born psychics.

I would feel honored to hear your dreams and help you with dream interpretation and processing. I look forward to supporting you on your path. To contact me, see below. Thanks!

For more information, see Services, Dream Work and Intuition,

Resources, Dreams and Intuition,

and Blog, Dreams and Psychic Development.

Ready to book a consult? I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with me HERE for your free consultation. Thanks.

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