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Nurturing Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Harvest vegetables- Healthy Nutrition is part of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is very popular nationwide and globally. It is considered part of evidence-based medicine. Integrative medicine is a form of holistic medicine often referred to as integrative health. It is a burgeoning field of healthcare that encompasses many whole health systems. As a whole-person model, integrative healthcare supports optimal well-being using safe, effective health-promoting approaches. Indeed, this model is rapidly becoming the preferred treatment for prevention and recovery from stress and illness. Because it is so popular and effective, we are now in a paradigm shift where more healthcare dollars are spent on this model than on mainstream medicine.

As part of this progressive movement, I became certified as an integrative mental health professional. (See my bio HERE). This is a sub-specialty within the integrative health field. When we work together, you will benefit from my decades-long career in the medical field and as a psychotherapist. I blend traditional therapy with a comprehensive wellness approach that nurtures your whole being and its relationship with others and the world. For additional clarity about this burgeoning model, follow this link to the paradigm shift to integrative health.  Also, I can be reached HERE.

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health is a Strength-Based Model

Upright Feather by the ocean-Integrative Medicine helps us be strong.
Faith and self-trust help us heal.

Practitioners of an integrative medicine for mental health model draw upon their unique skills and training. Accordingly, I provide well-rounded care to those with mental health concerns who want to become more resilient in adapting to stress by optimizing overall health and wellness.

I may also draw upon my training in nutrition, botanical medicine, yoga therapy, and dream work to benefit your unique situation. Additionally, I incorporate a strength-based therapy model. This evidence-based approach builds upon your strengths for optimal healing.

What are the Benefits of an Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Consultation?

Caterpillar on green stems- Integrative Medicine helps us transform.
Transformation begins within.

There are many advantages of this approach for your consideration. For instance, many holistic psychotherapists, such as myself, have received advanced training in understanding the body-mind-spirit connection. As such, this model has proved more effective than talk therapy alone.

One benefit is increased self-awareness. For example, you may have various symptoms and be unaware of how they relate. Exploring the many aspects of your health, relationships, and unique stressors and how they interconnect will enhance your innate body-mind wisdom. Additionally, this will help with motivation and improve your self-care and overall wellness.

Significantly, you will benefit from this personal empowerment model as you actively participate in your care. Besides, integrative mental health is collaborative in that any therapy that is helpful to you is welcomed and encouraged. Therefore, sharing what you do for self-care is essential to receive support and validation! And consequently, an empowerment model alleviates any guilt or anxiety you may have about triangulation with your providers. Finally, gaining control over your health is one of the great benefits of integrative mental health therapy. Questions? Please reach out to me below. Thanks!

Mind-Body and Energy Medicine are Effective Integrative Medicine Modalities

Yoga prep stuff
Yoga and meditation balance us.

Energy medicine is a flourishing field in integrative medicine. Examples of energy medicine include acupuncture, light therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and flower essence therapy. Other approaches you may also be familiar with are reiki, polarity therapy, and therapeutic touch, all of which I have practiced professionally.

Essential oil and flower essence therapies are also considered forms of botanical medicine. They are often used as complementary healing modalities along with other therapies. They ease anxiety and stress, improve mood and sleep, alleviate fatigue, and have many other therapeutic uses. Amazingly, despite my extensive training in physical medicine, I have witnessed deep-seated patterns persisting for years identified and resolved when flower remedies are combined other supportive therapies.

“Our illnesses are often a symbolic reflection of our own internal states of emotional unrest and spiritual blockages.” Richard Gerber, M.D., from his book 'Vibrational Medicine'

Woman reaching up to spirit. Dream work awakens the psyche, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.
Opening to Spirit enables healing.

You may also benefit from my training in mind-body therapies, including yoga therapy, meditation, and dream work. These approaches address the disconnect between body, mind, and soul that results in illness. Essentially, there is no healing of the body without healing the soul.

For further details, see Blogs, Therapies for Chronic Stress, and Spirituality as well as the resources at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Summary

Green forest stream - Integrative Medicine heals us naturally.
Accepting and flowing with life allows healing to occur.

In conclusion, when we work together, you will benefit from my ability to blend traditional and integrative mental health approaches to enhance your health and happiness. Feel free to contact me below with any questions or to schedule an appointment. I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey!

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