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Bach Flower Remedies for Animals in Distress

Tiny black rabbit in hand. Bach flower remedies heal animals too!
Bach Flower Essences help all sentient beings.

Bach Flower Remedies are plant extracts that capture the essence of flowers and plants for their therapeutic effects. For information on their background and use with animals, see HERE. Since animals experience many of the same emotions as humans, these flower essences ease animals’ emotional suffering as powerfully as they do their caregivers. Additionally, flower remedies alleviate the emotional suffering of animals and are an excellent tool for maintaining a happy home. If you love animals, you will want to read more here. Thanks.

Bach Flower Remedies Help Animals with Fear, Aggression, and other Behaviors

White shepherd dog in field of flowers. Dogs love Bach Flower Remedies!
Dogs love flower essences!

Flower remedies are the best-kept secret for helping our animal friends in distress. As such, many veterinarians and some animal shelters use them to help alleviate the emotional pain of the animals in their care. Also, some veterinarians have become certified in Bach Flower Therapy.

And pet owners use them to assist in the healing of the soul wounds and emotional distress that underlie many of the behaviors witnessed in their pets.

Importantly, flower essences can be lifesaving when they prevent pet owners from taking them to shelters because of behaviors they don’t like. These may include barking, biting, separation anxiety, hiding, scratching, being unfriendly, and other behaviors that distress others.

Sadly, when distressed animals are taken to shelters, they may be euthanized due to overcrowding. Flower remedies may help prevent this from happening.

6 Reasons to Use Flower Essences with Animals

Hand holding a pet gecko. Even geckos are helped with Bach Flower Remedies!
Gecko's respond well to flower essences.

1. Flower Essences aid the mental and emotional well-being of animals. We may sometimes misunderstand their behaviors and respond inappropriately to them. Providing remedies that resolve the internal emotional struggles of animals creates trust and an intuitive bridge with those caring for the animals.

2. Animals are instinctual beings, and some behaviors are an aspect of their particular species or breed. However, animals experience trauma and stress and have psychological defense mechanisms like humans. Flower essences may modify any learned behaviors and those developed as emotional protective devices.

3. These vibrational remedies work on the subtle energy of animals and humans and not directly on the physical body. However, if stress or trauma has occurred in the past or present, the resulting physical symptoms may be alleviated with flower remedies.

4. All sentient beings and animals can benefit from using flower remedies. They are used according to the issues presented and are not species-specific. Most commonly, they are used for horses, dogs, cats, llamas, cows, birds, rodents, reptiles, and fish.

5. There are no age restrictions; animals all ages benefit from them. As in humans, they are especially needed when an animal is experiencing an emotional or physical crisis or is ready to pass on.

6. All caregivers of animals should have Five-Flower Formula or Animal Relief Formula on hand to calm any animal in distress. Five-Flower Formula aids your pet’s mental health and helps heal depression, stress, and anxiety. It is invaluable for humans as well. If you are stressed, assume your pet is as well. Animal Relief Formula helps animals recover from any recent or past shock and trauma. It is especially beneficial for any pet needing to restore trust in humans.

Questons? Please contact me below. Thanks!

Other Professional Assistance for Animals

Yellow cockatiel looking at us. Birds are soothed with Bach Flower Remedies too.
Animal Relief Formula calms cockatiels too!

Additionally, there are reasons to consult pet trainers for the various behaviors of dogs, cats, and other animals. Here is a link to one article on pet behaviors and getting more help. Flower essences are not a substitute for veterinary care, professional animal trainers, or rescue teams. However, they are an excellent adjunct to any other appropriate therapies. They may resolve many issues along with loving care at home or in their environment. 

See HERE for information on the administration of flower essences to animals.

Bach Flower Therapy Helps a Sweet but Insecure Jealous Dog

Bailey asking for love. The Bach Flower Remedy, Holly, an integrative health product, resolved these issues.
Bailey asking for love.

As an example of Bach flower therapy’s effectiveness with animals, I will share how Holly essence helped heal my sister’s dog, Bailey. He was a part Terrier and part Cocker Spaniel. John and I occasionally cared for him for several weeks and took him camping and boating. Bailey was a very loving dog and greeted all my clients at the door of my counseling office and sat by my client’s feet. Bailey was a true healer.

Because Bailey was very attuned to love and connection, he would jump up between anyone who hugged another person. Bailey seemed jealous he was not on the receiving end of every expression of affection. Holly flower essence nurtured his heart and helped him know he was loved. This behavior was then alleviated. Bailey continued to be the most loving and sweet dog we all knew but without insecurity and jealousy.

If you know of an animal acting jealous, insecure, or angry, Bach flower remedies, including Holly from FES (, may be needed. Feel free to contact me below. Thanks.

Our Beautiful Cats are Helped with Bach Flower Remedies

Daisy, Rosie and Sunny. My cats adore Bach Flower Remedies and are very loving!
Daisy, Rosie, and Sunny

John and I are the caregivers of three lovely seal point Siamese siblings. Everyone who has met them, including veterinarians and their staff, comments on their calmness, sweetness, and good behavior. However, each cat had its emotional challenges that the Bach flower remedies helped alleviate. Of course, a loving home and excellent care contribute to their health and happiness. Here are their stories.

Sunny's Male Dominance is Helped with Vine Bach Flower Remedy

Sunny on perch
Loving, gentle Sunny

Sunny and his sisters Rosie and Daisy were the entire litter, and we decided to raise all three. Sunny is a strong yet very sensitive, loving cat.

Still, Sunny, as a neutered male and gentle most of the time, was dominant and sometimes forceful with his sisters. He would force them to the floor and cause them distress. John and I would discourage this behavior if we witnessed it. However, since we both work and are often not at home, we needed more than behavioral training.

Thankfully, the Bach flower remedy Vine was very helpful in resolving Sunny’s tendency to control and dominate his sisters. Also, by thus reducing Daisy’s and Rosie’s stress, our home became more peaceful.

Sunny also used to be shy. For example, he would hide when people visited.  So we also gave him Mimulus for his fear of strangers, which has helped tremendously. He is now much more social. It is important to realize that animals, as do their owners, have complex emotions. Support for their various traits can be achieved by combing several remedies in an individualized formula.

Holly and Chicory Aided Daisy's Maturation

Intelligent, curious Daisy

Our cats have often been given the Bach flower remedy Holly. Siamese cats are a jealous breed, but our three cats often compete for our attention. Since there are only two of us, we carefully divide our attention among the three of them.

Still, jealousy shows its face occasionally. Holly essence alleviates jealousy, anger, and insecurity. It has helped our cats win the admiration of all who meet them. They play and sleep together and show deep concern for one another if anyone is distressed, such as when a sibling is ill or gets stuck in a closet.

Daisy suffered the most from jealousy and insecurity. She was the most hesitant to suckle on Rosie as a young kitten. Her brother Sunny claimed me as his person, and Rosie chose John. Though we gave equal time to Daisy, she demonstrated her insecurity by being aloof or withdrawn at times. Sometimes her anger surfaced, and she hissed at her siblings for no apparent reason.

The stress formulas, Five-flower formula, or Animal relief formula helped to calm her initially. However, the Bach flower remedies, Holly and Chicory, were most helpful in alleviating these behaviors. Chicory is a remedy for children and young animals who are emotionally insecure. It helps cats who may seem to manipulate their owners with attention-seeking behaviors. They may also have kitten-like behaviors like crying and following the owner from room to room. Daisy still does occasionally when stressed, such as after a veterinary visit. However, Daisy is now a much more emotionally secure and contented cat.

Rosie is Calmer with Five Flower Formula, Mimulus, and Aspen

Sweet, gentle, and creative Rosie

Rosie is a very loving and gentle cat. When kittens, Sunny and Daisy suckled on her neck. She often purrs for hours. She seeks and gives abundant love. We call her the ecstatic cat. Perhaps this is because she is cross-eyed, and we initially only wanted two cats. Maybe she is grateful that we kept all three siblings together. Or perhaps she is just like most animals, full of love.

However, Rosie tends to be anxious, hyperactive and sometimes acts nervously. She runs around very fast and does many unusual tricks, like flipping herself in the air in creative ways. She is highly entertaining. Sometimes, it takes a while for her to relax. Rosie is very sensitive. If one of us feels ill, she will remain by our side. Sunny and Daisy also do this, but not as much as Rosie.

When Rosie acts too wild and restless, we give her Five-Flower Formula. This calms her with a few doses. But she also benefits from Mimulus and Aspen to alleviate fears and anxiety. She, like her siblings, also gets Holly on a fairly regular basis when she is occasionally insecure.

Rosie tends to run into closets or rooms and get stuck in them until we find her. Perhaps she is bored and needs stimulation or attention. Occasionally, she expresses anger after being in a closet a bit too long. Holly alleviates her anger and insecurity at these times. She also sometimes gets Chestnut Bud to learn not to run into closets. She is a funny, sweet cat who keeps us constantly laughing.

If you also love your pets and they are distressed, please contact me below. Thanks!

Red Chestnut Helps Labrador Retriever with Separation Anxiety

Howling labrador retriever
Sensitive lab howls for her caregiver.

My neighbor had a beautiful two-year-old Labrador Retriever. She worked from her home and was very close to her loving dog. She got a part-time job and left for work three days a week. The dog would start howling whenever she left for work  and continue this behavior for hours. To help, I gave her two bottles of flower essences. First, I administered Animal Relief Formula to the dog’s nose and inner ears. I repeated it a few times, and the dog laid down and rested calmly.

The other individualized dosage bottle was for ongoing use until the behavior was resolved. It contained Red Chestnut, White Chestnut, Five Flower Formula, and Chamomile essences. Red Chestnut helps anyone who has separation anxiety. I encouraged the owner to take it as well. It is often the case that animals will have the same emotional issues as their owners. In this case, both needed to take Red Chestnut to alleviate the separation anxiety. Also, flower essences balance our inner polarities. For example, rather than worrying about her dog when she left for work, she sent loving reassuring thoughts to her dog before and after leaving her alone at home.

Additional Supportive Flower Remedies

The famous stress relief formula, Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Formula, are a tremendous help when our cats are distressed. Animal Relief Formula also helps with any acute stress or anxiety or for any animal with a history of trauma, such as stray animals. All pet caregivers should have at least one of these formulas on hand. Additionally, if you obtain Five-Flower Formula or Five Flower Formula with glycerin, it can be used with humans who may be highly stressed. Importantly, when people relax, so do their pets.

Often, as with humans, a combination formula individualized for a particular animal is the best solution for resolving stress or behavioral issues. These additional remedies were included for this specific Labrador Retriever.

Here are some additional flower remedies that help alleviate animal distress:

White Chestnut is one of the most popular Bach Flower Remedies globally. It helps calm an overactive or worrying mind. Animals often worry as much as their owners, and this was true for this beautiful dog. Chamomile from Flower Essence Services was also added for its calming and soothing qualities. Five Flower Formula was added to alleviate any traumas from the past that may be triggered in the present.

I suggested using both formulas four times a day for two weeks for maximum benefit. After that, I recommended continuing with the dosage formula four times a day until the behavior was alleviated and using the Animal Relief Formula for anxiety and stress. This sensitive dog stopped howling, and they were more at ease when separated.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals Summary

hummingbird and red flower
Flower essences help wild animals too.

If you have children or animals, flower essences will help heal their soul wounds and bring peace and harmony to the home. The remedies described in this blog are only a small sample of what is available. You may also be interested in my blog, Flower Remedies for Children.  I hope you will explore and use flower essences for yourself, your family, and the animals in your care. Please get in touch with me below for additional expert guidance. Thanks.

Bach Flower Resources for Animal Healing

For more information, see Blogs, Plant Medicine, and Helping Animals with Flower Remedies.

Here are some excellent books:

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats by Martin J. Scott and Gael Mariani

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis

Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies by Stefan Ball, Heather Simpson, and Judy Ramsell Howard

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs by Martin Scott, Gael Mariani, and Julian Barnard

Here is an important link for specific flower essences for animals:

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