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Dream Work and Intuition

unicorn at night - dream work and intuition
Our soul's wisdom is disclosed in our dreams.

Dream work and intuition development go hand in hand. Intuition is another name for our divine guidance. Since we are part of the Divine, we can access all knowledge from within. Working with dreams is one of the best ways to open up psychically and tap into our innate wisdom. We are all naturally intuitive.

Why Should We Work with our Dreams and Intuition Development?

Glass vase with pink flowers When life gives you lemons make lemonade - dream work and intuition
Recording our dreams enhances our intuition.

Dreams have many healing messages and energies that can profoundly affect our life on every possible level. Research shows that dreams improve memory and learning. Dreams also heal the psyche. For example, suppressed traumatic memories may surface in dreams. When this occurs, it is because you are ready to work through these consciously. Sometimes, reaching out for additional support can ease this healing process.

Also, if we are anxious or depressed, we often receive specific dream guidance and encouragement. Also, we could be admonished if we need a nudge for our growth. Or, we may have profound spiritual experiences that heal and transform our lives. Dreams come in many different forms.

Amazingly, dreams offer guidance related to all areas of our lives. Sometimes, the meaning of dreams is only understood at a later time. They may manifest in the future since many dreams are pre-cognitive.

Also, keeping a daily dream journal, as I have done since 1980, is crucial if you are serious about spiritual growth and intuitive healing. Once you have experience recalling and recording your dreams, you can learn advanced dreaming methods such as active imagination, creative dreaming, pre-cognitive dreaming, lucid dreaming, and many other aspects of intuitive dreaming.

Intuitive Dreaming and Precognitive Dreams

River flows to sunrise
Our dreams reveal our future possibilities. We are co-creators.

Dream work and intuition development are vital to our happiness, sense of meaning, and life purpose. They also help us find solutions to our problems and questions. For example, one advanced dream method of intuitive dreaming is called dream incubation. Upon entering the hypnogogic state (as we fall asleep), we may ask for guidance on any life issues.

We may get answers to our conscious questions, but we may also obtain information that our souls determine to be more critical. Learning to trust and follow our guidance is very important.

Additionally, when we remember and record our dreams, we demonstrate to our unconscious that we value our spiritual growth. Essentially, the quality of our dreams reflects our commitment to working with them!

The wise have said nothing significant occurs in our lives without being previewed in our dreams. These are known as pre-cognitive dreams. So, when we review our dream journals, we see our re-occurring patterns and possible futures. As conscious beings, we can choose from the options shown in our dreams. When we work with our spiritual ideals, decision-making becomes more effortless.

Dream Work and Spiritual Growth

Woman with open arms to the sun When life gives you lemons make lemonade - dream work and intuition
Dream work connects us to our Spirit.

Our dreams will reflect the psycho-spiritual shifts that are occurring as a result of daily spiritual practices. They also encourage us on our spiritual path. Our conscious mind accesses our unconscious mind and our superconscious mind in dreams. The latter is also referred to as our Higher Self, that aspect of us that is part of the Divine.

The goal of dream work and intuition development is the same as meditation: to become aware of our true Self, the Essential Self, or the Divine within. In conjunction with meditation and listening to the voice within, dreams help us find solutions to problems, clarify our decisions, heal our soul’s issues, and much more. These are also the keys to intuition development and spiritual growth!

If you need an experienced dream guide, please get in touch with me below. Thanks.

12 Tips to Help You Remember Your Dreams

1. Take an avid interest in dream work and intuition development. Do this by reading dream books, sharing your dreams with your loved ones, and applying dream messages in your daily life. It would also be beneficial to take a class on dream work. Please check my website or contact me for updates on my dream work class schedule. For recommended books, see Resources, Dreams and Intuition HERE. Thanks.

2. Value your dreams. Prove to your unconscious that you are committed to your spiritual growth by having a dream journal on your pillow on the side you would typically write. Have a pen and non-LED flashlight by your journal. It is best to use journals with a ring binder to keep the pages open to the page you need.

3. Write a pre-sleep note every night. A journal is very personal; you can be as creative as you like. You may want to include art, poems, or drawings. It can also be used as a diary and used to process any feelings, as well as any personal insights or reflections. One tip is to use the four-color Bic pens. The pre-sleep note can be written in red or green, and the dreams in blue or black. That way, when you review your dreams, you can determine the difference between a dream and a conscious note.

The pre-sleep note aims to process any stressors of the day to free the psyche for important healing work and dream guidance. Otherwise, people may dream mainly about the previous day’s issues because they never did this before sleep.


When life gives you lemons make lemonade - dream work and intuition
Journaling and spiritual practices before sleep enhance dream quality.


4. Honor your spiritual path before sleep. Examples may include practicing gratitude and reflecting on the day’s challenges and opportunities for growth. Reading inspirational literature or listening to music or guided imagery may also be helpful.

Meditating, praying, and sending positive thoughts to others are especially important. Additionally, dreams will reflect not only your conscious mind’s attitudes but also your physical condition. Therefore, it is vital to stay physically healthy to have the clearest dreams.

5. Program your unconscious by saying as you fall asleep at night, “I will remember and record my dreams upon awakening.” This is also a powerful time to take flower essences (see #10) and work with affirmations and self-hypnosis.

When you can recall your dreams regularly, you can start incubating your dreams. That is, you can learn to dream about and get answers to your most profound questions and concerns. One method is to journal about your question or concern, meditate and pray, and then ask for specific dream guidance. This can be repeated as needed.


child dreaming When life gives you lemons make lemonade - dream work and intuition
Be still upon awakening before writing.

6. Be still upon awakening. It is important to lie very still to recall as much of the dream as possible before beginning to write it down. If you move too soon, the dream will fade from memory.

7. Write down anything you remember. This could be a feeling, color, song, or image. You may hear words, sentences, or more, or you may have physical sensations. Just record any aspects of the dream that come to you.

8. Try Vitamin B6 to assist with dream recall. The active form of B6, P5P (pyridoxal-5′-phosphate) is more effective than B6 (pyridoxine) for many people. A common dose is 30 to 50 mg at HS. Sometimes people take it with magnesium to optimize sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

Additional Dream Work and Intuition Steps

Woman meditating on the beach When life gives you lemons make lemonade
The more we look within, the more we receive.


9. Awaken without an alarm clock. It is essential to go to sleep early enough to get a full night’s sleep so that you can awaken naturally. Also, you can program your unconscious by telling yourself what time you intend to awaken. This is excellent training for more advanced dreaming, such as lucid dreaming, dream incubation, creative visualization, and any other form of auto-suggestion.

10. Take flower essences that support dream work and intuition development. These remedies are usually taken four times a day, including immediately before sleep to work with hypnagogic state, and upon awakening, just after the hypnopompic state. The other two doses are best taken during the day when calm. Flower essences that enhance dream recall include Star Tulip and Mugwort.

Additionally, taking flower remedies for post-traumatic stress, panic, and nightmares can be life-changing. For example, Saint John’s Wort flower essence from FES helps with nightmares. The flower formulas Five Flower Formula and Post-Trauma Stabilizer from FES are often very beneficial, especially if you have difficulty returning to sleep. Flora-Sleep is also very beneficial. See Services, Integrative Health, and Blog, Energy Medicine, for more information.

11. Avoid alcohol and THC. See here for more details.


Woman meditating on a wharf When life gives you lemons make lemonade
Active imagination can be done anywhere.

12. Get help with night terrors and nightmares. Some people are afraid to remember their dreams because of issues with traumatic stress that may include nightmares or night terrors. It is helpful to note the difference between nightmares and night terrors.

Nightmares are powerful messages from our souls that we may have repressed and need to be understood and healed. They may also recur. Recurring nightmares are related to the psyche or soul, providing an important message. When we work through the related issue, the recurring nightmare will cease. 

Active imagination is one tool that may help. This involves a conscious decision to relax back into the nightmare, confront the threatening figure or energies in the dream, and ask for the message to be clear. Then you can more successfully face similar fears in your waking life.

While nightmares are common and may be viewed as valuable for our psycho-spiritual integration, night terrors are often associated with post-traumatic stress and may require professional assistance.

Exploring trauma-related nightmares or night terrors with someone you trust can be very beneficial. One suggestion is to ask for dream guidance regarding finding the right person to assist you with these issues. If I am that person, please reach out to me below. Thanks.

Dream Work and Intuition Summary

people celebrating life When life gives you lemons make lemonade - dream work and intuition
Applying dream guidance brings inner joy and peace.

In summary, dream work and intuition development are powerful psycho-spiritual processes available to everyone. Committing to remembering and recording your dreams may be one of the most personally satisfying and life-changing practices you will ever do. You will benefit in many amazing and profound ways!

I look forward to hearing your dreams and supporting you!

Please review Resources, Dreams and Intuition, which includes a suggested bibliography. 

Also see Blogs: Dreams and Psychic Development,

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For more information or to book a consult, please contact me HERE. Thanks.

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